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You’re out on a country road at night and your car suddenly stalls out. You slowly inch your way to the berm of the road; then pick up your cell phone. But who do you call? Well, your brother may be able to come get you, but you’ll need an auto repair company to retrieve your car and fix it. But how do you know which auto repair place to call? If you’ve ever been in this or a similar situation, here are some suggestions on how to select the right auto repair company.

Ask People You Know
Finding the right auto repair place will take some research. And the best place to start is by asking friends or family members. Perhaps a friend has recently had his car repaired by an Auto Repair Jackson NJ outfit, and may recommend it. But don’t wait until you get stuck out alone at night. Start researching auto repair places now.

Shop Around
It may seem best to find an auto repair company a mile or so from your home, but another one may be better suited to your needs. Call several auto repair service places to see what services they offer. If you have a BMW or Mercedes, for example, you will likely need to find someone who repairs foreign cars.

Get Several Quotes
Get quotes from some Auto Repair Jackson NJ stores. Have your representative explain each repair and expense that’s required. Over time, you’ll learn which auto repair services are there to help you rather than just take your money.

Ask About Availability
Call some Auto Repair Jackson NJ places to ascertain their hours. You’ll also want to ask them if they have towing available 24 hours.

One repair place that does offer 24-hour towing — AA Affordable Auto Repair & Towing — has been providing quality auto repair services for nearly 30 years: 732-303-0000.