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During a St. Paul home renovation, remodeling, or new home construction project, choosing the right materials is always an important consideration. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops, marble is always considered the classic option.

Marble is one of the original building materials. The use of this natural stone dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, and the early columns, pillars, and statutes are still evident throughout many areas of the world. The first extraction or quarrying of marble is dated to the third century B.C. on islands in the Aegean Sea.

Today’s marble is quarried much differently, but the massive slabs of this metamorphic material are still in high demand. As marble takes up to 2000 million years to form, it is considered both a classic and highly prized addition to any home.

Colors to Consider

Perhaps the most traditional or classic look for countertops is the Carrara White marble. This particular color of marble comes from around the town of Carrara in Northern Italy. It gets the iconic white color from the shells that provided calcite while the limestone was under both heat and pressure.

Carrara marble countertops have a soft and lustrous look to the surface of the stone. There are slight color variations that were made by the presence of iron oxide or clay, creating the veins that are unique to this natural stone.

If you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in St. Paul and want a classic look for your countertops, Carrera White marble is one of the most popular and instantly recognizable ways to upgrade your space.