Illinois Divorce Steps: How Do I File for Divorce in McHenry?

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Lawyers & Law Firms

How do I file for divorce?” This is a common question among people considering a divorce in Illinois. This brief guide will go through the steps required to file for divorce to help you get started.

First, you’ll need to make sure that you meet the state’s residency requirements. This means that you or your spouse must have lived in Illinois for at least 90 days before filing.

Once you’ve established residency, you’ll need to file a petition for divorce with the circuit clerk in your county. You will also need to serve your spouse with a copy of the petition unless they waive service.

After the petition has been filed, you’ll need to attend a hearing, at which point the judge will grant the divorce and issue a final judgment. Finally, you’ll need to file a certified copy of the judgment with the circuit clerk. Keep in mind that the divorce process can be complicated, so it’s always best to consult with an attorney before proceeding.

Hiring a divorce lawyer may be one of the best decisions you can make during this difficult time. While it is possible to handle your own divorce, there are many complicated legal issues that need to be addressed. A McHenry divorce attorney will have the experience and knowledge to ensure that all of these issues are properly resolved. Perhaps most importantly, a divorce lawyer can help you protect your rights and interests, both now and in the future.

So if you are facing a divorce, don’t go it alone. Hire a qualified McHenry divorce attorney to help you through this tough time. Visit Bruning & Associates, P.C. to request a consultation today.

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