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Many cookware brands today use cheap materials that simply do not stand the test of time and frequent usage throughout the years. Low-grade frying pans often scorch easily or have handles that can become loose posing a danger to anyone holding the hot pan. One innovative cookware company, committed to hiring veterans, offers beautiful enameled cast iron skillets that are also strong and durable.

Learn Why So Many Top Chefs Swear by Cast Iron Skillets

Cooking enthusiasts often notice what television chefs and cooks are cooking their dishes in to hopefully copy their delicious results. Many top chefs today swear using old-fashioned enameled cast iron skillets when frying fish, making an omelet, and browning stuffed pork chops. Some individuals have steered away from this tried and true cooking utensil, but in recent years some older cooking favorites, like cast iron frying skillets, are quickly making a huge comeback.

Find Cast Iron Skillets that Are Easy to Clean & Maintain

One of the common complaints about cast iron in pans is that they often take a bit more time to clean and must be regularly “oiled” to keep the surface smooth, so food won’t stick. There are some new types of cast iron cookware that have a unique surface making leftover food slide right out.

More Cast Iron Cookware to Try

Along with lighter weight cast iron skillets, one revolutionary cookware company also offers casserole pans and more.

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