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The overhead garage doors are the most common garage door type used in most homes. These types of garage doors are functional as they are affordable to build and maintain. They can also add a certain stylish look even for a garage door that adds to the appeal of a home from the outside.

There are generally two types of overhead garage doors, the roll-ups that most people are familiar with and the traditional tilt-up where the whole garage door panel lifts upon its lateral springs above the driveway and the car. Styles abound.

Roll up overhead garage doors are made up of sections that are fastened together so that when they run on their rollers on tracks as the door mechanism above the system pulls them all up.

We, at Tarnow Doors, install and maintain overhead doors in the West Bloomfield, MI, area for both residential and commercial properties with a showroom at our location since 1966. We specialize in garage doors of all types, carrying branded door openers for installation and replacement.

If you’re looking for an overhead door in the West Bloomfield, MI, area, we at Tarnow Door will be able to help you whether in brainstorming, planning or installation. Schedule an appointment with us. We understand the reliability of overhead garage door systems that’s been trusted for years for their effective weather resistance, relative energy efficiency, great security and simple beauty.

If you’ve got questions, give us a call at 330-626-3311 or visit us at our website for more information. You’re welcome to schedule an appointment with us.