Is DNAfit Worth The Cost?

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Healthcare Related

There are increasing numbers of specialized types of reports available through genetic testing. One of the newer companies is DNAfit, which offers specialized reports to provide specific information on how your genetics may impact your overall fitness.

The company is based in London, England, and first started offering reports in 2012. DNAfit is owned by Prenetics, and includes a range of services from fitness coaches and phone consultations to personalized diets and meal plans.

The Benefits of the Test

Completing the DNAfit test provides the individual with very precise and specific information to help them to maximize their potential and reach their fitness goals. It will specifically provide a tailored workout plan, provide meal options that support fitness and weight goals, and help you to choose the right activities and sporting events to tap into your genetic potential.

There is also information in the report from DNAfit to help you to understand how your body metabolizes specific nutrients and dietary ingredients, allowing you to choose the best food and supplement choices.

Access to Support

In addition to the detailed report, DNAfit also offers the option to work with professionals to reach your goals. This is an additional service, but it offers personal trainers to assist in devising workout plans and fitness and lifestyle changes that have the desired positive impact.

The cost of the DNAfit test is very reasonable, with the basic test priced at $89 and the comprehensive test and report at $164. It is also possible to upload raw DNA data to the site for a much lower cost for the analysis and report.

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