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Maybe your garage door is dented, or maybe the mechanisms are old and dysfunctional. In any case, a garage door that doesn’t work right is not only annoying, but it can also be dangerous. If your door doesn’t close properly, it could be an entry point for rodents, or even worse, a human intruder.

Burglary Statistics

The truth is, a burglary happens every 15-seconds in the United States, and 30% of burglars entered the home through an unlocked window or door. In Milwaukee, there are 4,289 burglaries every year. If your garage door does not close and locks properly, it’s leaving you wide open for a robbery.

What Deters a Burglar

The number one thing that deters a burglar is a big, aggressive dog. “Beware of dog” signs make most burglars think twice. However, burglars are rarely deterred by a calm dog and many smart burglars bring treats to distract a dog.

Security cameras and alarm systems also deter burglars, as do solid wood doors and heavy-duty metal doors. A solid door means breaking into a home will be more difficult.

What You Can Do

If your garage door doesn’t close properly or is flimsy, you need to get it replaced or repaired. Garage door repair in Milwaukee, WI, is an easy thing to do.

If you don’t already have a dog, consider adopting a bigger dog that’s willing and ready to guard your property. Finally, consider installing an alarm system with security cameras.

If your garage door needs attention Joe Wilde LLC offers full service garage door repair in Milwaukee, WI. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.