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Living in the city or suburbs makes it easy to take some things for granted. For example, we expect hot and cold running water at our fingertips as well as almost invisible elimination of that water once we are through with it. However, there are many places outside of our cities and municipal utility districts where public sewer connections aren’t available. In these circumstances the homeowner, business or property manager must install a septic system to manage waste sewage. To keep that septic system functioning properly over the years the owner should have Septic Pumping in Stanwood WA performed periodically. In most cases the experts recommend having the tank cleaned every couple of years.

The septic system is considered to be a French invention developed well over one hundred years ago. It was originally a simple tank where the solid waste would accumulate and any excess water could be shed into the surrounding land. It was quickly discovered that the bacterial action inside the septic tank allowed the whole system to function longer before filling up. The system works because bacteria and enzymes in the septic tank break down the waste matter that accumulates inside the tank. Unfortunately, the solid waste will only break down so far which is why the tank will need Septic Pumping in Stanwood WA every other year or so.

Septic Pumping in Stanwood WA is the process of removing the accumulated waste inside the tank. The contractor uses a vacuum operated tanker that pumps the waste from deep in the tank. The technician will access the septic tank in one of two ways. The easiest method requires opening an access vent on the lid of the tank. In instances where the vent doesn’t exist, the alternative is to uncover the tank lid and prop it open for easier access.

Along with Septic Pumping in Stanwood WA some contractors like Johnny’s Septic Service, Inc. provide other services for their customers including functions like grease trap cleaning, cesspool pumping and even waste water removal. Still other useful services provided by better establishments include sewer line jetting, catch basin cleaning and a variety of other vactor services. One service that many people find useful is hydro excavating. This unique digging or trenching method provides a quick way to move all the earth you need to without many of the hazards of heavy equipment.