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When it comes to garage doors, you’ll find a wide variety of sizes and styles on the market. In some cases, you’ll notice a distinction between commercial styles and those suited for residences. Although these two garage doors share the same function, they operate a little differently. See what makes a commercial garage door distinct from those you’ll find on a home.

Sizing Differences

The first thing you’ll notice about commercial garage doors Charleston WV is that they are remarkably bigger. Of course, this is due to the need to cover a larger space. These doors are usually fitted on huge warehouses or industrial plants. Due to this, they may be constructed of different materials to provide additional structural integrity. Clearly, sizing is a crucial factor in picking the right commercial door.

Insulation Concerns

There are great differences in terms of the type of insulation used in garage doors. Most residential models may not be insulated at all. In contrast, commercial doors will be a lot thicker due to the insulation used. In most cases, this will consist of a polyurethane or polystyrene layer. In addition, this insulation also helps keep the door stiff so it won’t bend under pressure. Of course, if you are in need of an all-glass door, the options for insulation may be a little more limited. Make sure to figure out what is required beforehand.

Attachments For Garage Doors

The last thing you’ll notice about commercial garage doors Charleston WV is the different type of hardware used. These doors tend to contain more sections. Therefore, the hardware needs to be of a heavy-duty nature. For example, the tracks of a commercial door will be around two to three inches. If you’ll be using this type of door, be sure that the appropriate hardware is available. For more information, contact Business Name