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Most personal injury cases result in being settled. However, whether a case is settled or a case goes to trial, a personal injury attorney works hard to help their client get the best possible results. In most cases, accident injury lawyers in Phoenix, AZ, are paid on contingency fees. Their salary is dependent on them winning a case. This is a positive thing for clients. Before a lawyer takes a case, they have to be confident that they can win.

One of the first things reputed accident injury lawyers in Phoenix, AZ, will do is try to gather as much evidence as possible surrounding your case. This includes all of the details related to determining who was at fault. They are going to pay attention to your injuries, their nature, and their extent. They will look at your medical history, medical bills, statements from law enforcement and witnesses, and photographs of the accident.

Next, an attorney may make a demand of the liable party or insurance company. In some cases, this is as far as things go because the at fault party or the insurance company is willing to settle. If a settlement is sent, your attorney will review it with you and help you determine whether to accept it or not. In most cases, the first settlement offer is not the last.

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