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Track Managing the equity shares within a company can be a headache under the best of situations. However, once you introduce different options, different classes of stocks, and other variables, it can become much more complicated. Adding to the frustration is that regulators will constantly be looking for any discrepancies, and investors will not react kindly to such an incident.

In short, if you are managing equity shares of your company, you need an effective way to keep track of all the relevant stakeholders. Luckily, EquityTrack provides exactly that.

Cap Table Recording with EquityTrack

By using EquityTrack’s latest software, you’ll never be more than a few seconds away from an accurate breakdown of the latest figures from your cap table. EquityTrack’s system is fully customizable according to the needs of your company. Both public and private companies find that their workloads are streamlined considerably by EquityTrack’s software. Even crowdsourced ventures can keep track of which investor gets what incentive using EquityTrack Cap Table Tracking. Additionally, it can track everything from common and preferred stock issuances to stock options, convertible equity, and much more. In short, it is the perfect solution for one of the biggest headaches that many companies face.

Try Cap Table Tracking with EquityTrack Today

Don’t wait until your company has lost track of who gets what share of the firm’s equity to invest in a solution that will keep your investors happy and regulators content that you are acting in everyone’s best and fair interests. Contact EquityTrack today to schedule a demo of how their software can help your company. Learn more at

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