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Marijuana is being approved for medical use in more and more states. Patients looking for a marijuana dispensary in Kelso for their particular needs must consider a number of things before they finalize their choice.

Dispensaries Are Not the Same

There is no single standard for dispensaries. They come in many different sizes and shapes. Some are immaculate, so much so, you feel you are entering an operating theater. Others are more like your garage, unorganized and unkempt.

The important thing about any dispensary is how it makes you feel. The atmosphere is very important. Nothing will turn you around and back out the door faster than having an uncomfortable feeling.

Staff Knowledge

Just because you have applied for and been granted a medical marijuana card by the state of Washington, it does not necessarily mean you have in-depth knowledge of the product. You will feel far more at ease if you can speak to a staff member that knows how to help people in this situation. There is a considerable gap in the cannabis business. You are responsible for finding a dispensary that employs knowledgeable and trustworthy people.


The quality of marijuana is determined in the growing room. Nutrients, light, air quality and pest control methods all determine the quality of the product. It is not easy to determine the quality with a single use. The first lot you buy may be just right; the second may not. Take the time to find out who is growing the marijuana and whether the company has been given any accolades or awards.


The best marijuana dispensary in Kelso will have a wide variety of strains, Strains for specific ailments as well as specific moods. If the dispensary you are considering has a limited number of strains available, you might want to continue looking.