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Although more and more children are attending preschool, kindergarten remains a critical time in a child’s educational journey. Kindergarten is a time of both social and emotional learning as well as the first introduction to real academics for many children. In kindergarten, children start to learn the foundational building blocks for both reading and math that will eventually determine their academic trajectory. Like all foundations, a shaky or weak foundation can cause problems for years to come. In addition, kindergarten is often the first time many children are placed in a rigid social setting with several other children. The social skills they learn at this critical time will also have a strong impact on their future relationships with their peers, which can in turn impact their ability to eventually find meaningful employment.

This is why it is important for parents to carefully go to Oak Lawn for kindergarten which can address all of their child’s social, emotional, and academic needs. Although Hollywood may mock parents who place their children on waiting lists before they are even born, the truth is that a child’s first experience with education will form the foundation on which their entire educational future will be built. In the same way, a house built on an improperly poured foundation can have catastrophic consequences, a poor experience in kindergarten can have a lasting impact for years to come. This is why it is so important to do plenty of research before going to Oak Lawn for kindergarten. Contact Council Oak Montessori School for more information.