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Many patients are unaware of the fact that they have a mental illness. They may think that the way they are feeling is normal. Some people who have a mental illness come from a low-income household. They cannot afford mental health treatment Minneapolis.

There is also a stigma associated with getting help for a mental problem. People fear that they will be labeled as crazy if they seek mental health treatment. Additionally, school, work and family obligations leave little time to get help for a mental illness.

What Happens When Mental Illness is Not Treated

People May Self-Medicate

If people are unable to get professional treatment for their mental health problem, then they may begin to self-medicate. They may use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. People may get temporary relief by self-medicating. However, this will eventually worsen the problem.

Physical Health Issues

It is impossible to be physically healthy if you are not mentally healthy. People who have mental health problems are much more likely to have physical health problems. For example, people who suffer from anxiety may begin to develop digestive issues. Mental health problems can also put a strain on the organs. Additionally, some studies suggest that mental health problems can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and cancer.

Decreased Quality of Personal Relationships

A mental illness can also affect the people around you. That is why it can be difficult to have relationships with other people if you suffer from a mental illness. Many people have lost friends because of their mental illness. A mental illness can also create problems in a romantic relationship. That is why many people who have a mental illness end up getting divorced.

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