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A DUI is a serious crime with some serious consequences. If you find yourself arrested, you need to get a DUI attorney in Ponte Vedra. In some cases, your attorney may find that something went wrong during the arrest that might help you in your case. Here are some of the most common mistakes cops make when pulling you over for a DUI.

1. No Probable Cause

The police cannot pull you over for no reason. When you get pulled over, they need to have a legitimate reason. If you can prove that their reason for pulling you over was inaccurate, anything that happens after the fact doesn’t matter.

2. Breathalyzer not Completed Properly

Cops are human. Humans make mistakes. Pay close attention to everything in regards to your breathalyzer test. Write down the time of the test, the results of the test, and request a second test if possible. You also want to make sure the officer is using a brand new tip.

3. Inaccurate Police Report

Once again, police are humans. They can easily make a mistake while filling out the report. This is especially true if they get busy and fill the paperwork a little bit later. Check the report for inaccuracies.

4. Improper Field Sobriety Testing

There are certain procedures to field sobriety tests. If the police officer does not adhere to these procedures properly, the test can not be used against you.

When you find yourself behind bars after a DUI arrest, call Canan Law for a DUI attorney in Ponte Vedra. They can look at your case to see if the arresting officers might have made a mistake.