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When the unexpected happens and you are injured or not feeling well, you may consider going to the emergency room if you regular physician is not available. Today’s ERs are filled to maximum capacity most days and nights, so a walk in medical clinic for New Braunfels, TX, results may be the better option. Here are three benefits of these types of medical care facilities.

Saves Time and Money

Walk-in medical clinics cost less than an emergency room visit, and you can see a doctor much faster than an emergency room. The quality of care at both types of facilities is equivalent. Walk-in medical clinics are staffed with general practitioners and nurses who tend to your medical needs. The clinic will forward the records to your regular doctor for all follow-up appointments.

Convenient Locations and Hours

Walk in medical clinics in New Braunfels, TX, have convenient locations and hours. Most of these clinics operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Patients are triaged according to the severity of the conditions. If the doctor determines that your condition is more serious or requires specialty care, arrangements are made with the emergency room and hospital to expedite your admission.

Works with Most Medical Insurances

Urgent care that is provided at a walk-in medical clinic is covered by most insurance companies. Your co-payment may be lower at the walk-in clinic because insurance companies recognize that these facilities have lower costs of treatment and reduce the patient volume at larger facilities.

Where to Find a Walk In Medical Clinic in New Braunfels, TX

Lonestar 24 HR ER is a walk-in medical clinic that is fully staffed with physicians and nurses 24 hours each day. Call us for more information about our services or you can come by our location. You can also connect them on Facebook.