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If you don’t feel comfortable about smiling, you can correct the situation with veneers. Dentists who offer Porcelain Veneers In Hamilton, GA and the surrounding area are receiving a good response from local residents. The area is also seeing a lot more people smiling as a result.

You will discover that here are several advantages of using this type of restoration to improve your smile. Veneers look natural. Therefore, they provide an all-natural appearance without any kind of hint that the teeth are artificial.

Artificial Teeth that Do Not Look Artificial

In fact, veneers, because they are made of porcelain, mimic real teeth. They reflect light in the same way that natural teeth do, and look as though they have the same properties as tooth enamel. Veneers can be made to look very translucent and thin. However, porcelain veneers are also long-lasting and durable.

Expect veneers to last about 15 years. While you have to be aware that the teeth can chip or become damaged, they are durable for the most part. You can also have the veneers made so they match your natural teeth. In most cases, it is hard to tell any difference between a veneer and the tooth next to it.

Instant and Dramatic Results

While adding porcelain veneers is a conservative cosmetic approach to improving a smile, the procedure does offer fast and dramatic results. An instant improvement is made, as most “before” and “after” photos will demonstrate. Just make sure you fully understand the overall process and what will take place.

A More Beautiful and Whiter Smile

Patients in Hamilton, GA and everywhere like veneers because they can be used to correct multiple dental flaws. Not only do the cosmetic restorations improve the color, position, and shape of teeth, they also get rid of the look of any discoloration or staining.

Less Damaging

When veneers are used to improve the look of teeth, less of the tooth structure is removed during the process. They are also less likely to impact the nerve within a tooth, as can be the case when a cap or crown is placed. Therefore, veneers are less damaging to one’s natural teeth.

Set an Appointment for a Consultation

Many dental patients will combine the addition of veneers with the placement of such dental restorations as crowns, dental implants, bridges, tooth bonding, and teeth whitening procedures. Therefore, if you are interested in making a smile improvement, you will want to set an appointment with your dentist and get his advice on a course of treatment.

Once you make a decision to have veneers placed, it usually takes about two or three appointments spaced over about two weeks to facilitate the process. If the dentist offers CAD-CAM technology, the treatment can be completed in a day.

Recovery Time is a Fast Process

Recovery time is fast and the porcelain on the veneers resists stains from coffee and colas extremely well. The gums also respond well to the restorations when they are correctly placed. Your veneers can give you a whole lease on life, as well as a reason to smile more often.