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When you’re ready to move from one home to another, you might need to enlist the assistance of a company that has the tools and transportation to take your belongings to your new home. Contact house movers in Birmingham AL a few weeks before you plan to move so that you are put on the schedule for that day. The following are a few tips to prepare for working with the movers when they arrive.


Pack as many boxes as possible before the day the moving company is supposed to arrive at your home. Avoid packing them too heavy so that they are easier to lift and transfer to the moving truck and then inside your new home. Label any boxes that are fragile so that they aren’t damaged.

Clear Paths

Leave a pathway from the entry doors to the boxes and furniture that will be moved. If you have children or pets, then consider setting aside an area of your home where they can play without being in the way of the movers. If it’s been raining, then place a protective cover on your floor so that the movers don’t make a mess when they are going back and forth from your home to the truck.


Measure your furniture to ensure that it will fit through the doors. Most house movers in Birmingham AL have tools that can be used to remove pieces if needed so that furniture can fit through doorways. If you see that there could be items that are difficult to move, then let the company know before the movers arrive.

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