Proactive, Not Reactive: Proper Pest Control

by | Aug 11, 2023 | Pest Control Service

Mosquitos and other insects are more than a common annoyance for humans. These pests present real problems for populations large and small, including health risks for people and animals, alike. Controlling their numbers is important and easier done before than after an epidemic is realized.

Danger and Disease

Mosquitos often carry blood-borne illness and disease, some types of which can be fatal. Elderly and very young people are especially vulnerable to these dangers, as well as those with lessened immune systems. A mosquito control service in Acacia not only aids in keeping customers comfortable, its services provide increased health and safety for the general public, as well.

Proactivity: the Modern Approach

In the past, pest control has traditionally been reactive to circumstance. However, today’s ecological education and monitoring have allowed for an understanding of insect behavior and procreation patterns to give pest control experts an edge in keeping their populations below dangerous numbers. Companies like Frontier Precision provide resources like geospatial monitoring and mapping to aid in these measures.

Rather than waiting until swarms of dangerous insects are plaguing an area and applying reactionary measures such as harsh pesticides sprayed haphazardly, using modern technology to map areas in need of pest control allows for the precise use of chemical methods and the employment of other techniques before the problem becomes threatening.

Unlike insects like bees, ladybugs and other pollinator and predator bugs, mosquitos present far more harm to livestock and humans than good. While wiping out an insect species entirely is not advisable, controlling the populations of parasitic insects like mosquitos is important to maintain livelihoods, food availability and overall safety. Employing a mosquito control service from Flick Pest Control can bring areas once thought to be too dangerous for population into use for farming, residence, and business.

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