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Now that the interior of the home is exactly the way the homeowner wants it, the time has come to do something about the yards. The question is how to make the best possible use of the space. Asking local Landscapers in Bend OR a few questions will result in a plan that is functional and attractive. What Stays and What Should Go? A good place to begin is to ask a few Landscapers in Bend OR about the elements already in the yard.

Should everything go away, or are there a few things that can remain? For those that do remain, should they be moved or are they exactly where they need to be? Using those ideas as the starting point can open up a world of possibilities that the homeowner did not consider before. Combining Flora and Fauna Another question to ask is how to go about combining different types of flora and fauna to create a great look.

This will often lead to the landscaping expert asking a few questions about how the homeowner would like to use the outdoor space, or how much time he or she would like to devote to yard maintenance. With those factors in mind, the landscaper can come up with some design ideas that are sure to interest the client. Adding Other Elements Landscaping is not just about choosing the right type of grass and planting a few trees. Asking for advice on other elements to add is a good move. The landscape might point out that a pergola would look great in one corner of the back yard.

In addition, creating stepping stones leading from the patio to a storage shed will add some visual interest to the space. Even something as simple as installing a bench or two under a tree will help add some life to the landscape. The hardest thing about reworking a landscape is coming up with the perfect plan. By working with the experts at website, it will be easy to settle on a landscape design, choose the ideal elements, and have the work underway in no time.