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If someone wishes to replace spaces in their mouth with false teeth to make their appearance more favorable, they may have considered getting Dental Implants in Charleston SC to accomplish this look. Dental implants are placed in the mouth surgically, eliminating many of the hardships that come along with wearing dentures. There are several reasons why a dental patient may enjoy having implants instead of caring for dentures to cover areas with missing teeth.

Before an implant surgery can be conducted, the patient would need to have a complete evaluation done of their mouth. The dentist would take x-rays to determine if the bone structure under the gums are strong enough to withstand a surgical procedure. If the bones are too weak, which is often the case with someone who suffered from periodontal disease, getting dentures would be the better option.

If the bones are deemed as strong enough, the patient would be given a general anesthesia so they are not awake during the surgery. The surgeon would cut the gum area and insert metal rods in this area, fusing them to the underlying bone so they remain stable. The skin on the gums would then be sewn back together. The metal rods would be visible in the areas where teeth need to be added. Porcelain teeth would then be attached permanently to these rods. Click here for more details about Dental Implants in Charleston SC.

The end result will allow the patient to go about their routine without worry of teeth slipping out of place. There is no need for extensive cleaning treatments. The teeth are cared for in the same way as real teeth. The person would be able to eat the foods they enjoy without worrying about ruining their teeth in the process. There is no pain for the patient after the healing process is complete. Instead, they would have a healthy appearance with teeth they will be proud to show off.

If someone wishes to find out more about receiving Dental Implants in Charleston SC, they can contact a dentist that offers this service.