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Our chemical magnetic drive pump showcases unmatched level of operational safety due to its two unique features:

  • SAFEGLIDE PLUS silicon carbide sleeve bearings
  • Eddy current free PTFE/CFRP containment

The MNKA complies with ANSI and ASME B73.3 for 60 Hz and 50 Hz applications.

Our pump is a single stage, plastic lined magnetic drive chemical duty centrifugal pump. which is used in applications such as:

  • Corrosive, Hazardous, polluted and pure media in chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • Water Treatment
  • Pulp and Metal processing
  • Waste Disposal/ Recycling Industries

Some of the top features with respect to our pump’s performance are:

  • Our large sleeve bearings feature reduces friction by appr. 85% and reliably protects the pump from dry run damages.
  • Eddy current free non-metallic shell ensures no generation of heat thus reducing minimum flow requirement and saving energy.
  • Driven magnet rotor and impeller are separate parts thus allowing economical exchange in case of damage. O ring of Kalrez provides proven reliability.
  • Ball bearings of frame mounted version can be maintained without need to drain or remove the pump.
  • Positive method of magnet disengagement helps in eased maintenance.
  • Magnets are precisely positioned and mechanically fixed (patented).
  • Heavy duty bearing pedestal with metallic core supports the whole wetted rotating unit.
  • Containment shell does not have to support loads as with light duty pump designs.
  • No hydraulic forces act on the drive shaft and ball bearings as the shaft drives only the drive magnet assembly , thus these components are ensured of long service life.

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