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Without the appropriate cable harness assembly solution guiding the flow of power, any infrastructure is bound to suffer from downtime. The type and quality of wires and cables which transmit electricity throughout the system can mean the difference between a network that operates at optimal rates and one where bad connections are a frequent challenge.

One Case, Many Cables

And these aren’t a single piece of cable. The cable assembly consists of a bundle of cables wrapped in the strong and durable casing. The reason for this is because such material has to be able to put up with somewhat harsh conditions. A cable harness assembly and related accessories are expected to hold up even in extreme climates which can cause contraction and expansion of the cables if exposed. Heat resistant vinyl and plastic make up the assembly exterior.

Protection and Purpose

Material strength separates a wire harness and the cable assembly solution. The former isn’t able to put up with the environmental factors like the latter due to the design.

In the typical industrial facility or commercial department handling information technology hardware, a cable assembly encourages organization, particularly if there’s a large array of cables. Project managers can use color-coordinated assemblies in order to quickly assess which is which and make improvements and repairs.

A harness usually comes in the form of a useful, all-inclusive kit. Assembly providers like Molded Devices Inc is a leader in material processing. Go to for more information on their value-added services.