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Treating Neck Pain

Poor posture could lead to a wide range of problems with your neck and entire spinal column. If you work in front of a computer for multiple hours per day, you increase your risk of developing chronic pain in the cervical spine. When seeking chiropractic treatment in Surprise, AZ, for such a problem, you will receive a proper diagnosis from a licensed professional. Your natural posture might be evaluated and analyzed with traditional and modern methods. For example, the chiropractor could take profile views of your sedentary posture on a typical chair. During your chiropractic treatment in Surprise, AZ, for neck pain, you could receive specific adjustments for the reduction of stress, strain, and tightness. You can improve your daily posture by optimizing the ergonomics at your work setting and home. A chiropractor will provide advice and guidance on the ideal positions for sitting in an office for an extended period. Heat applications and pain-relieving creams could also provide temporary improvement in the range of motion of your neck.

Irritated Spinal Nerves

You could seek professional chiropractic treatment in Surprise, AZ, for tingling, numbness, and other unusual sensations in your body. Such symptoms usually appear in the hands, arms, legs, and feet for several reasons. A pinched nerve in the spinal column is the most common reason for such painful or unpleasant feelings. Compressed nerves in the spine could also be caused by degeneration in the discs. X-rays, MRI scans, and other imaging diagnostics could properly identify problems with the nerves in your back or neck.