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Most people don’t realize that when they raise farm animals, cattle, horses, livestock or poultry they have to have health certificates to sell these animals across state lines. You can sell the animals within your own state without really having a health certificate, although it’s still a good idea to certify that your animals will not bring disease to another farm or ranch. These animal health certificates were established some decades ago when many animals were dying as a result of health issues springing from a couple of localized farms. Now all animals are examined for health, but animals sold across state lines have to have the certificate; one per animal sold.

How to Get a Certificate Faster

Since farmers and ranchers now manage much of the business end of things on computers and tablets, it only makes sense that you can now get an E health certificate for each animal sold. The E health certificate is easily downloaded onto any computing device, although it is recommended that you only download it to something portable, like a phone or laptop. You can print them once they are filled in by a vet, but you can also email them to the person or company buying your animals. These certificates are also easier for the vet to fill out on a computer and email to you.

Once Completed, You Forward the E Certificates and Ship Your Animals

After each animal for sale has been cleared by a vet and each certificate filled out, you can forward the certificates to the buyer. The buyer confirms receipt of the certificates, and then you ship your animals to him/her.