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South Bend is known for its thunderstorms, averaging more than 40 per year. Not only that, tornados and extremely high winds occasionally rip through the region. To top it off, winter brings snow, often from lake effect snow squalls. All of this crazy weather often makes storm damage clean up in South Bend, IN, necessary.

High winds and heavy snow can bring down large tree branches, or even uproot an entire tree. At the least, a big storm will scatter branches, leaves and trash all over your yard, and even your roof.

It could take an entire weekend to bag and properly dispose of all the yard litter. Moreover, if large branches or a tree came down, you may not have the equipment, such as a chain saw and a trailer, to clear it out. Also, due to your work schedule, you may not have the time to deal with storm damage clean up in South Bend, IN.

The good news is, there are local companies with the right equipment that can do this work for you. They’ll bring a crew armed with chain saws, a bobcat, and a woodchipper on a trailer. They’ll make short work of any downed trees and branches, clean up leaf litter and trash, and haul it away.

Destructive storms are just part of living in South Bend, but clean-up can be easier than you think.

Make Above & Beyond Tree Services your service for storm damage clean up in South Bend, IN.