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One of the most popular and simple cosmetic procedures that your dentist provides is teeth whitening. If this is something that you are interested in doing, you may have a few questions before proceeding to sign up for a tooth whitening appointment in Colorado Springs, CO. While many people believe teeth whitening is completed in one standard process, there are actually quite a number of procedures to choose from. Here are the most popular selections.

Professional Whitening Solutions

A common tested and true procedure your dentist may offer involves making a mold of your teeth, which then becomes a tray that you will wear for a designated amount of time. You will be provided a professional grade whitening solution, which is not a product that you can purchase over the counter. This high-quality solution is a safe method that you can use on a regular basis.

Laser Whitening Treatments

Thanks to the advancement of technology, teeth whitening can now be done through the use of a laser whitening treatment. This procedure involves the dentist placing a protective shield over your gums, applying a reactive gel to your teeth, and then selecting a specific type of laser light to bring out a reaction in the enamel of your teeth. Stains are then broken up and eliminated, leading to a dramatic change in your smile. In one single visit, your teeth can whiten up ten shades.

It is important to take time to consider the different teeth whitening treatments that are available, to select the right one for you. Talk to your dentist about what form of treatment they would recommend is best to bring out a healthy smile. Always consult a professional about teeth whitening, even if you plan to use over the counter products. Taking the right steps and precautions will give you the dazzling smile you have always wanted.

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