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Your feet and ankles have many different functions, including acting as shock absorbers and stabilizers for your body. The important ways your feet and ankles help you as you move and walk mean it is vital any issues that appear with them are handled quickly and efficiently. A podiatrist can make a big difference in the treatment of conditions including neuromas that can be extremely painful and affect our everyday movements.

A Neuroma Can be a Painful Condition

The pain and discomfort of a neuroma in Kenosha, WI, are often described by those who are suffering from this condition as like having a stone in their shoe. In fact, the Neuroma is a tumor that is benign and sits between the third and fourth toes to cause pain and discomfort whenever weight is placed on the affected foot. Without the help of a podiatrist, the best option for finding relief from the effects of a neuroma in Kenosha, WI, is to remove the shoe of the affected foot and gently rub the painful area between the toes.

The Benefits of Visiting a Podiatrist

When you are being affected by a neuroma, you will want to find a solution to the problem you should look to the work of a qualified podiatrist. The problem of a neuroma is not one that should be ignored because these foot issues tend to get worse without the proper treatment. Contact Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers or browse our website to learn more about Neuroma treatment options.