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There can be no understatement when it comes to all the protections and safety that railings on the roof can provide. In fact, they may even be required by your insurance company depending on where you live and what type of building you own. There are many great reasons why installing NextGen 3000 Railing System simply makes sense.


When people are walking through a tight spot or up and down stairs, they may face an issue with their balance. This is quite common and can be prevented by installing rails along the walkway or on the stairwell. This simple yet effective procedure can go a long way towards ensuring the safety of anyone in this situation.

Falling Off The Edge

Obviously, falling off the edge of a building is not something that you or anyone will want to do. To prevent serious injury and even possibly death, there needs to be some kind of barrier in place. This is where specialized railings come into play that make it difficult for anyone to scale or otherwise breach.

Safety During Hazardous Weather

When it comes to bad weather, there is always a danger of falling down the stairs or otherwise falling or tripping on a roof. No matter if it is snowy, icy, windy, or some other version of inclement weather, having NextGen 3000 Railing System to grab onto makes your building a much safer place.

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