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Traeger Brothers and Associates, Inc has held the title of the stocking distributor with multiple warehouses to better meet the unique needs of their customers. They pride themselves on the integrity and patience it takes to run a business of this sort, catering to each client as if they are family.

Acting as the leading international distributor of industrial goods and supplies, Traeger Brothers also knows what it takes to sell quality CPVC pipe fittings. CPVC pipes are pipes that are made from chlorinated polyvinyl Chloride. This is different from the PVC pipes that are made from just polyvinyl chloride. The CPVC pipes are made of the rigid and thermoplastic material that is used for hot and cold water applications in residential construction. This material is also corrosion-resistant. Traeger provides the customers with CPVC pipe fittings for any changes in direction or changes in piping size, taps, tees, or outlets. CPVC Pipes are also helpful for lower applications because they can be solved with less expensive CPVC and PVC piping.

They are experts in the CPVC pipe fittings division. These fittings are used to connect the lengths of the CPVC pipe. By keeping the pipe fittings and the pipes the same, the complete seal has less of a chance to change in temperature or pressure changes in ways that weaken the system or pose as a potential for leaks.

While handling divisions of construction, waterworks, industrial, and network and telecommunications, Traeger Brothers and Associates, Inc brings a whole new quality and service to the piping, valve, and fitting world. They are unmatched in these products because of the way they treat their customers and the products they carry.