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Whether you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring or want something to show your appreciation for a lucky lady, you’ll notice that there are many options available, which can make it harder to find something that will fit their needs. Diamond rings in Indiana come in various styles, with different band options and have multiple looks. Learning more about these options can make it easier to pick something your bride will love and cherish forever.


Round cuts are extremely popular with many women. It can add a lot of shine to the piece, but it is also held with six prongs, making it one of the strongest settings possible.


The princess cut is also popular and was made so by Tiffany’s. With this option, the top is cut to look like a square, though the bottom is usually more rounded. This option is very attractive and trendy, providing multitudes of color facets. If your bride enjoys being trendy with her fashions, this could be the best choice. However, it is only held in by four prongs, so it could be easier to lose it if the prongs break.


The oval cut is not very popular with brides, but if your soon-to-be wife has a very small hand or stubby fingers, it can help to create an elongated look, while still adding softness. If you’re thinking of this option, you may want to take your fiancée to the shop and have her try it on to see how it looks.


The pear-shaped diamond is another unpopular choice, and most jewelry stores don’t even carry it. The problem with the pear cut is that one end is quite large while one is tapered. It can look exquisite in the right format, but it can be difficult to find a setting that works well with it. Some men choose to find rings in Indiana that include three or four pear cuts, creating a sort of flower or clover to finish the look.


The marquis cut is just an oval with tips and works similarly as the oval cut. It can make the hand look slimmer and longer, but one extra benefit is that it can make the stone look bigger than it truly is. If you cannot afford a lot of large diamonds in the setting, this could be another option, which will help it look bigger without it costing as much. If you are looking for the perfect place to purchase diamond rings in Indiana then Albert’s Diamond Jewelers can be the great choice for you as they offer you huge selection of diamond jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, watches, fashion jewelry, and a lot more.