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When people with poor credit need a couple of hundred bucks for an emergency, they may not be able to get a traditional bank loan. Payday loans provide a possibility, but these men and women may not like the finance charge. Pawnshops offer money for jewelry, electronics and other items. Another option would be to get Cash For Junk Car in Santee if this person has an old beater that would be OK to get rid of.

Fast Service

Companies paying Cash For Junk Car in Santee give the seller money on the spot when they come to pick up the vehicle or when the owner drives it there. Same-day service is nearly always available, although that may only be true during regular business hours. A company that runs a towing service, however, may be able to buy junk cars during a broader number of hours. Either way, the emergency situation can be solved almost immediately without having to run around town applying for loans.

Emergency Needs

What kind of emergency needs for cash develop that prompt people to finally part with an old car that’s been sitting in the driveway for a long time? That could be just about anything. They might have fallen behind on the electric bill, for instance, and can use the cash to catch it up. Maybe the car they usually drive needs an expensive repair.

Getting Quotes

It makes sense to call a few places that buy these vehicles to get quotes. There may be a narrow range quoted, such as $250 at the high end at $225 at the low end since nobody at the business has actually seen the car. The salvage yard or other junk car buyer may offer a bit more if the car still runs, especially if the owner drives it to the business.

A car that is still drivable may sell for more online to a person who just needs a clunker to get to work and back. However, that might only be a difference of $100, and it could take a while to find a buyer. Instead, contacting a company like USA Towing & Recovery allows the owner to get cash fast. You can also follow them on Twitter.