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Many people think the only opportunity for someone with an art education degree is to teach in a classroom, but that is not the case. Getting this type of degree will open many doors of opportunity that you may not have anticipated. The possibilities go well beyond the classroom and into the broader community.

Museum Educator

Have you considered becoming a museum educator? It’s a possibility when you have an art education degree. It’s a role that enables you to connect with people from many walks of life. You might find yourself educating students on the ancient artifacts in a museum. It’s also a position that will sometimes provide information to teachers that they will share in the classroom. Working as an educator in a museum enables you to work with cross-functional departments to define public offerings. That might include helping with marketing, curating, and presenting. The opportunities to use your gifts and talents are endless in this field.

Community Arts Programming

Imagine collaborating with organizations throughout your community to provide information about the arts. Some administrative roles within community arts organizations enable you to function in multiple capacities to introduce art to children and adults. Depending on the nature of the program, it is sometimes possible to offer workshops that give participants a better understanding of art throughout history.

Contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for information about getting an art education degree. You can get the direction you need to move forward confidently.