These Three Landscape Design Themes Will Transform Your Outdoor Space

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Construction & Contractors

If you plan to hire a professional landscaping service in Manchester, NH, or another community in which you live, you can choose from several themes that will dramatically transform the look and feel of your property. Whether you want your premises to have more of an old-world appeal or a modern ambiance, any of these three landscape design themes could be the perfect fit.

Tropical Paradise

Bamboos, hibiscus hybrids and Hosta plants, which can still grow well in colder climates, can be planted to create a tropical paradise in your yard. Short or tall palm trees will also help enhance the setting. Better Homes & Gardens suggests planting the palm trees on a square patch of lush green groundcover that has smooth beach pebbles on its edges to give your yard an even more visually stunning and tropical look.

English Country Cottage

This design theme will allow you to turn your ordinary yard into sprawling grounds that resemble a classic cottage in the English countryside. If you have the layout and the means, you can have a pond, waterfall or stream with a bridge over it added to your yard. Bright colorful flowers that are planted can give your property some appealing accents. Trees can be planted to give your yard more comfortable shading. Professional landscaping services in the Manchester, NH area can help you create this look.

Asian Fusion

If you want to incorporate classic Asian themes into your landscape’s design, you can have pebble-lined pathways added along with bonsai trees for extra décor. A rocky waterfall with water flowing into a pond of koi fish can also work well for this theme. Asian-themed statuettes can be other great additions for your yard.

You can have the yard of your dreams created by choosing the right design theme when you arrange for professional landscaping services in Manchester, NH. Any of these design themes will increase your home’s aesthetic value and make you proud to call your property home.

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