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It’s almost every homeowner’s dream to create an outdoor space that’s worthy of a photo spread in your favorite design magazine. You may picture your ideal outdoor oasis with lush trees and beautiful flowers. However, there are a few things a pool contractor in Orange County needs you to consider when choosing your foliage.

Be Mindful of Plants That Shed

While trees that grow fruit or bear flowers can leave your poolside oasis smelling great, you have to remember when the fruit and leaves fall from the tree. This can make it more difficult to keep the pool and the area around it clean. You will find during certain seasons, you have to clean the area on a daily basis.

Plants with Thorns

There are several types of plants, such as rose bushes, that have thorns. These can be especially dangerous if you have children running around the pool area. You wouldn’t want a child or pet to be injured from accidentally sliding or falling into a thorny plant. You can always ask your pool contractor in Orange County about their recommendations for safe plants.

The Shade Isn’t Always Safe

If you’re looking for a few good shade trees, you may be considering something like a nice ficus or oak tree. The problem with these trees is they can undo all of the work that was done by your pool contractor in Orange County. These trees grow deep and broad roots that can grow into the structure of your pool or its plumbing. Doing the proper research can save a significant amount of money you may have to eventually spend on repairs to the pool system, as well as the tree removal.

If you’re ready to create your outdoor oasis, call Aquanetic Pools and Spas today.