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Golf is one of the most exciting and maddening games to play, and it is one of the best ways to mingle with your friends and create a bigger social circle than you already have. There are many games you can enjoy playing at the best golf courses near Walhalla, SC, and these games are a simple way to match against your friends and spur up the thrill on the grounds.

Alternate Shot

The game is also known as a foursome and is played widely in North America. In this game, one of your partner players will first make a hit, after which the second player hits from where the ball ended up. You must have four golfers for this game.


If you want to enjoy the best public golf courses to the fullest, try Bingo. This game does not need four players, and the first player who makes a hit scores a point (Bingo). If the player has a ball closer to the pin when all other balls are on the green points they will get a bingo. Whoever has the most Bingos will win.


In this game, you have to divide the 18 golf holes up into 3 six golf hole matches. You may also use any type of scoring for this game. If you get defeated in one match, you can be victorious in the other 2-hole matches.

The Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy the best golf courses near Walhalla, SC, you must play these games with your friends and family to ensure you have the best time playing golf.