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Regular plumbing maintenance keeps the wastewater flowing out of your home. It also decreases your resource usage because it identifies leaks of wastewater and electricity. Be sure to arrange for these three types of residential plumbing services in Maui, HI, to ensure that you keep your plumbing system working properly.

Water Heater Inspection

Every day, your water heater warms up the water so that you can wash your hands and take a hot shower. Minerals in the water cause a buildup in the tank. This buildup promotes internal rust and corrosion. An annual water heater inspection identifies leaks while they are small and gives you time to repair or replace the water heater before a big leak can develop.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

You may also want to have a plumber come and perform kitchen drain cleaning as part of routine residential plumbing services in Maui, HI. When you wash dishes, detritus from the plates, mugs, and bowls get into the sink’s drain. It settles there, creating a buildup. Grease and oil from cooking solidify in the pipe, leading to a partial or full obstruction. Kitchen drain cleaning gets rid of the obstruction, extends the lifespan of the drain and keeps foul odors away.

Sewer Drain Cleaning

Sewer drain cleaning is also important. Whether your home connects to a city water and sewer system or you have a septic tank, the sewer drains should be cleaned every year or two. Tree roots are a common cause of sewer line clogs. The roots grow into the sewer pipe in search of nutrients and moisture. Over time, those roots could crack the pipe. They could also fill up the sewer pipe, resulting in an obstruction. A clogged sewer pipe could result in sewage seeping into your home through the main sewer drain.