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Have you talked to your child about summer school? They’re probably less than enthused about the idea of spending summer in the classroom, but most students have a positive experience. Whether you’re considering summer school because your child is behind, gifted or just to get them out of the house, here are three benefits that summer school has to offer.

Beat the Summer Slump

A lot of academic work is undone over the summer break as students forget their lessons while socializing with friends, going on vacation or lounging around the house playing video games. When students attend summer school in Phoenix, AZ, they are more likely to retain what they learned over the school year, which gives them an advantage when classes resume in the fall.

Catch Up

Is your child behind on their studies? Summer school provides an excellent opportunity to catch up. Because summer school is more individualized, your child can spend their time in the classroom learning what they missed during the regular school year. Summer school is also a great option for students who had a lot of absences during the previous year.

Get Ahead and Graduate Early

What if your child isn’t behind, but is ahead of their peers academically? Students can study ahead and complete credits to graduate early while attending summer school in Phoenix, AZ. If your child’s school offers concurrent enrollment, students may even be able to earn college credit.