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Whether you’re signing up for a health insurance plan during open enrollment or a special enrollment period, filling out the application and choosing your plan before the deadline can be a challenge. Being prepared before enrollment opens can make the process either, so have these three pieces of information on hand before you enroll in the Health Insurance Market Place in Atlanta, GA.

Household Income

Your household income determines how much financial assistance you can get to help pay for your plan. Gather pay stubs, tax returns and business legers before you begin your application.

Number of Family Members Who Need Coverage

Does everyone in your family need or qualify for coverage under the Marketplace? Before you enroll in the Health Insurance Market Place in Atlanta, GA, compile a list of the members of your household who are seeking coverage.

Health Information

Is anyone in your household a smoker? Do your family members take prescription drugs or have chronic conditions? Your health information can affect the amount of help you get, your plan’s premium and the type of plan you choose. Those who have complex healthcare needs may save more with a higher tier plan.

Are you ready to enroll in the right plan for your family? Whether you’re choosing health insurance for the first time or renewing your current policy, Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace can help to get a quote and enroll or re-enroll.