Tips For Choosing A Supplier For Graphite Electrodes

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Carbon Supplier

There are many different places to purchase graphite electrodes. However, not all of these electrodes are high quality and are available on a consistent basis. Finding a supplier of electrodes offering graphite that is high quality and offers a reliable inventory is a critical step for foundries, EAFs, and ladle furnaces.

When considering any graphite electrode supplier, be sure to consider the types of electrodes provided. Based on your industry, process, and even specific systems, various grades, and options in electrodes are the most cost effective and also the most durable.

Specific Grades

Different graphite electrode grades may be required for various applications with a facility. Finding one supplier offering HD and HP grade, as well as SHP and UHP graphite electrodes, saves on costs by allowing the customer to place a single order with one provider.

Fewer orders require less paperwork, easier tracking for the next order, and the ability to negotiate the best possible prices. All of these factors contribute to a reduced overhead cost that adds up over time.

Additional Products

In addition to offering graphite electrode sizes and grades required for the business, finding a supplier that offers the additional products needed is a benefit. These products can include carbon electrodes, potlining materials, and graphite blocks, rounds, and rods of standard and custom sizes.

Check with suppliers and review their products, services, and their industry reputation. Consider looking for a long-term supplier rather than just buying based on an order-by-order need.

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