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Having a beautiful backyard is a goal for many homeowners in and around the Frisco area in North Texas. Adding a custom in-ground pool and creating an unique outdoor living space is an ideal way to add to the enjoyment of your home and to increase your property value.

Choosing the right pool builders is a critical first step in the process. There are simple ways to determine which pool company can provide the quality design, installation, and support to ensure a beautiful pool, outdoor livings space, and landscaping details.

Design Experience

Finding pool builders that offer exceptional design services is not always easy. Take the time to review information on the company’s website and get an understanding of the types of pools they have designed in the past.

Look for companies with a proven track record of creating pools that are suited to the yard size and the goals of the homeowner. Ask for references from two or three past customers for an authentic conversation about the design and construction process.

Expertise in Construction

Working with pool builders with an understanding of in-ground pool construction in the Frisco area is essential. This includes not only following all industry standards for pool construction but also considering the challenges of working with the soil in this area.

It is necessary to take the time to interview pool builders and to determine their expertise in this area. Without experience, the construction of the pool can become costly, with an increased risk of future issues with cracks, leaks, and pool problems.