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You can buy a new or late-model pickup truck today. There are many makes and models available. However, a vintage F100 from the post World War II era is something to be proud of. These trucks can still work hard and look good when properly restored, but it takes some skill and patience to work with vintage Ford truck parts and rusted bodies. Here are some restoration tips to help you breathe life into one of these classics.

Damage Assessment

It is hard to set a timeframe for completing your restoration project until you know what kind of damages you have to fix. For example, how bad is the body and frame rust? With some trucks you can sandblast and take things down to bare metal, then make repairs. However, you may need to invest in vintage Ford truck parts like doors or fenders. Make a list of all the things you need to fix before you start.


Your budget may include specialty tools or equipment. Maybe you plan to use air powered tools, and you might need to invest in a better air compressor. Do you need to rent garage space or build a structure to hold your project? You should create a vintage Ford truck parts list. Write down all the parts you think you may need to replace and then go online to an online supplier like Concours Parts & Accessories and price them.

Who Does the Work?

Can you do the entire project yourself? Do you have friends or family willing to lend their special skills to the project? If not, you need to figure in the cost for parts and labor from a trusted mechanic specializing in vintage vehicles. Keep these things in mind, and they can help you avoid many common mistakes associated with restoring a classic F100.