Turn to a Bicycle Accident Lawyer When a Distracted Driver Causes an Accident

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Bicycles are the ideal form of transportation in many situations. Those who live in small towns and suburbs might ride bikes to work and school or run simple errands. Bike riding is also a great form of exercise. It’s essential for bicycle riders of all ages to know and follow the safety rules to reduce their risks of injury.

Anyone who intends to ride their bike in traffic should wear a helmet. Parents should also ensure their children form a habit of wearing helmets because having one on will reduce the risk of serious injury in the event of a crash.

Defensive Driving
Bike riders are much more likely to suffer a serious injury if they are hit by a car than the driver. This is why riders must always pay attention to what’s going on around them and make adjustments as needed. A bicycle accident lawyer in Arlington Heights may be able to help a rider who gets injured in an accident after they’ve done everything they could to prevent it.

Be Predictable
There are times in life where having others question what someone is going to do next is a good idea. Riding a bicycle in traffic is not one of those times. By riding in a predictable manner and not weaving in and out of traffic when cars are moving slowly, drivers will be better able to avoid hitting a bicycle that’s sharing the road.

Unfortunately, there will always be some drivers that are simply too distracted to avoid hitting a bicyclist. When an accident like this happens, it’s important to contact a bicycle accident lawyer in Arlington Heights right away. Distracted driving is a problem for everyone, and drivers must pay attention when there are bikes on the road.

People who ride a bicycle for exercise or as an alternative to driving a car must take additional precautions to prevent getting hit. If an accident does occur and the automobile driver is responsible, bicyclists can visit I Am Calling My Lawyer to learn about their options and get in touch with an attorney who may be able to help them resolve their insurance claim.

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