Unexpected Ways to Maximize the Countertop Space in Your Home

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Construction & Contractors

No matter how large your kitchen is, it seems as though there’s never enough countertop space to go around. When multiple projects get going at once, it can be challenging to find a place to use your kitchen countertops for actual cooking. To help prevent this problem, here are a few ideas for maximizing your countertop space. Double Your Space If you could double the amount of countertop space you currently have, it would probably be enough to make things work. While shelf stackers may not be able to quite achieve this feat for your quartz countertops in Scottsdale, they can certainly provide plenty of creative ways to store kitchen essentials. Often used in cabinets, shelf stackers are small, simple shelves with legs that rest on the countertop. Once installed, these devices can store items above and below the unit itself and can also be stacked on top of one another, creating endless storage possibilities. Extend to Your Stove Even when your quartz countertops in Scottsdale are full, there’s likely a large, unused space that’s sitting nearby for you to utilize. That space, of course, is your stovetop. By placing burner covers over the surface of the stove, you effectively create a functional and durable countertop that provides plenty of room for most kitchen activities. Just be sure that the stove has a chance to cool completely before putting the burner covers in place. Head to the Island Even if your kitchen doesn’t have enough room for a traditional, permanent island, you likely still have space for a kitchen cart that can double as an island. Many of these carts are topped with the same materials you’d find on typical countertops, meaning you may be able to find one that matches your current decor. This instant space is especially useful because you can move it wherever you need to, minimizing the space between prep areas.

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