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When a family travels and needs to stay in a hotel, contracting bed bugs from the excursion is a true possibility. Since these insects are difficult to remove in their entirety without professional help, taking proper steps to avoid their transferal to clothing and personal items is a must. Here are some Bed Bug Treatment Charleston SC to take when traveling to avoid bringing bed bugs back to home.

Do A Complete Inspection Of The Quarters

It is important inspect the exact room where the family will be staying. Check that there are no red or brown markings on each bed’s headboard and pull back sheets to expose the underlying mattress. If small brown insects are seen, or if streaks of old blood are noticed, it is best to refrain from staying in the room altogether. Inform the owner of the property about a possible bed bug problem so they can take proper measures to have them eradicated.

Keep Personal Items Lifted

It is wise to place all personal belongings on dresser tops or tables if possible. Do not place suitcases on the bed or carpeting as bedbugs in a room could crawl upon them undetected. After clothing is worn, place it in a garbage bag and tie the opening shut. Keeping clothing contained and in a suitcase that is raised up from floor level will help to keep bed bugs from going home with the family after the trip is over.

Wash Clothing Upon Returning Home

When the family arrives back home, they should bring the garbage bags with worn clothing back into the home to be laundered. Dump the contents of the bags directly into a washing machine. Place the suitcases inside large lawn and leaf bags and keep them inside of them for a few weeks before bringing them into the home. This will kill any bedbugs that crawled onto the containers.

When there is a need for a Bed Bug Treatment Charleston SC, calling a pest control service with experience with these insects is a must. Contact Low Country Pest Specialists Visit Online to find out more today.