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If you currently have severely damaged and/or missing teeth and are considering undergoing dental surgery for new and beautiful dental implants in Chicago, IL, dentist, there are some foods to avoid with dental implants both immediately during the postoperative period and later on a longer-term basis.

Expect Your Mouth to Be Somewhat Sensitive Immediately Post-Op for Implants

Like any surgery, dental surgery for the insertion of dental implants requires a recovery time period. Immediately after the procedure, it is common for teeth and gums to be sensitive, especially to hot and cold foods and beverages, and sharp-edged foods should also be avoided. Seeds from berries, nuts, crunchy vegetables, or chips and salted or peppered foods, especially with cracked pepper, can be irritating if these smaller items get in between the teeth into the surgical sites.

There Are Some Foods to Avoid Longer-Term After Getting Dental Implants

Along with avoiding offending foods and drinks right after the dental implant surgery, expect that some foods may have to be avoided longer term for the safety and integrity of your new implants. These items include foods like berries, red wines, tea, and coffee that tend to stain the teeth and will also stain your new implants.

Try to limit or avoid these things to preserve the nice whiter shade of your new teeth. Avoid too much sugar and alcohol too.

Follow Your Dentist’s Instructions for Foods to Avoid with Dental Implants

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