What Drivers Need to Know About SR-22 Insurance in Chicago, Illinois

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Accidents happen, sometimes more to certain people than others. Oftentimes, one or more drivers can be considered responsible for contributing to accidents. People who have poor driving histories can be required to submit additional legal documentation in Illinois – the dreaded SR-22.

What Does SR-22 Mean?

“SR-22” is a type of legal document required by states. Although every state is different, the SR-22 isn’t specific to Illinois – rather, all states recognize SR-22 documents.

What Leads to Having an SR-22 Requirement?

Of course, people who boast extraordinarily bad traffic records may be asked to submit SR-22 documents. However, other reasons for being asked to submit SR-22 certificates include a DUI or DWI conviction, having evaded too many tollway fares, having failed to maintain child support payments, or not having successfully maintained SR-22 coverage with SR-22 insurance companies in Chicago.

How Do People Get SR-22 Insurance?

They simply inform the insurance company they are currently covered by or plan on being covered by that they need to remit an SR-22 certificate to the state. It’s that easy.

Is SR-22 Documentation Necessary?

SR-22 coverage isn’t necessary, believe it or not. The alternative is providing the state of Illinois with at least $70,000 in cash or other assets in order to legally navigate the state’s roadways. This is usually returned after a three-year period, which is how long SR-22 documentation is required.

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