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Home buyers have a lot to think about when buying property. Whether they’re buying an existing structure or plan to build a custom home, hiring a Land Surveyor Company In Lamar County, GA, is part of the process. Many people, especially first-time buyers, are unfamiliar with surveying. Read more below to get a better idea of this service’s benefits and the information received.

Why Buyers Need a Land Survey

Buyers need to know certain things about the property they’re buying for their information and to satisfy lender and insurance requirements. Land surveying gives buyers valuable information about the property’s boundary lines, utility easements, geographical features, and determine if the property is within a floodplain.

Surveyors Use Specialized Equipment

When surveying a piece of land, professional surveyors use a variety of tools and techniques to ensure accuracy. Some examples of the tools they use include:

  • 3D scanners
  • High-tech GPS equipment
  • Robotic total stations

The tools and techniques used help surveyors determine slope, measure angles, and exact boundary lines so there are fewer disagreements between neighbors. Surveyors also have years of experience and it’s this expertise that guides them and guarantees accuracy and professionalism.

How to Hire a Surveyor

Buyers hiring a surveyor for the first time often take referrals from their lender or insurance provider. However, it’s also a good idea to shop around for a surveying company. Not every land surveyor company in Lamar County, GA, has the same level of expertise. For quality surveying, contact the team at Terra Services Co., LLC online at and learn more about their complete professional services.