What is MCI and What Kind of Treatments Can a Patient with MCI Expect?

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Assisted Living

MCI stands for “mild cognitive impairment,” and it describes a condition midway between the mental lapses associated with normal aging and full-blown dementia. Treatment for MCI in NJ includes a structured environment and a variety of activities to stimulate the mind. The doctors will also treat related disorders like depression.

Do People Live at the Club?

No. The club’s members typically live with caregivers. The club is sometimes described as “adult daycare,” for it supplies diverse services and stimulating activities for its members. Its benefits caregivers by granting them several hours to themselves that they can use to run errands, attend to business, or simply enjoy a break.

What Kinds of Services Does the Club Provide?

Members of the club may eat all three meals there. The club provides nutritious meals with “brain-healthy” foods. It can also accommodate various diets, including kosher, diabetic, and vegetarian.

The club supplies free transportation for members who live in the area. Drivers will pick up members at their homes and then bring them back. Staff at the club will also help members with their personal care needs.

Wouldn’t Hiring an Aide Be Less Expensive?

Maybe. However, while an aide can provide services like manicures or help with meal preparation, they can’t supply the stimulation that the club can. Club members can enjoy each other’s company and play various games together. They can also take part in exercise programs and various other activities.

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