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What seemed like a great deal on a used car might not be the bargain that you had hoped for if the vehicle breaks down within a short period of time. If your mechanic takes a look and says that the used car you just bought needs extensive repairs, you may qualify for benefits under the Oregon Lemon Law.

The lemon law in Oregon was set up in order to protect consumers who have been duped by unscrupulous car dealerships. The salesperson or dealer is supposed to give you an honest representation of the vehicle. If the vehicle’s odometer was tampered with, you might not have purchased it. The same is true if the vehicle had previously been sold for a salvage title or if it had been in a serious accident. If the dealer told you that you were buying a car with fewer miles or in better condition than it is in, this is where the lemon law can protect you.

You have a few options under the state’s lemon law. One of your options is to have the dealer buy the car back from you at the same price that you paid for it. Any fees or other expenses that you incurred would also be paid by the dealer. For example, the license plate tags and title transfer expenses should be paid back to you. Another option is for the dealer to take the car back and give you one that meets your needs at no additional cost.

If you bought a lemon vehicle, it is important to take prompt action and protect your rights. At Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center, we offer legal services related to the Oregon Lemon Law. Contact us by phone or visit us online at in order to learn more.